Apparently there is a double standard for the fine men in blue when the women in blue take off their uniforms for naked modeling pictures. Meet Stacey Suro (photos below), the hot policewoman from Texas who was suspended from her job for normal modeling photos that appeared on the internet.

Photo: Stacey Suro

Gallery below.

She calls herself Tessoro in the pics that were posted on Model Mayhem, which is a gathering place for aspiring models to show off their best assets in the hope that someone who matters with a camera and a fistful of dollars will notice. Many unknown women have launched their careers on that site and others similar to it, which eliminates the need for an agent who may or may not have your best interests at heart. By the way, Tessoro means “treasure” in the Italian and Spanish languages, a term of endearment that lovers use for one another. Some of the photos depicted Stacey in bondage, fetish positions, and other risque poses. Several are topless poses that any model would do.

But there is nothing unusual about women posting modeling portfolios on the internet, in fact it is a great way to get noticed. What is entirely abnormal is the overreaction by her employer in Texas, the Houston Police Department. When the pics were noticed by colleagues in the department, Stacey was suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

We can settle the matter right here rather than waste the taxpayer’s money on an investigation that hearkens back to the Puritan days when hot women were forced to wear scarlett letters on their chests while men always got a free pass. Yes, we can affirm that Stacey Suro has boobs and looks great in a bikini. She surely puts the X into sexy. Now give her job back and move on with the people’s business. Read more here.

Biography: Stacey Suro is 42 years old with the body of a 20 year old woman. She looks amazingly good especially considering that she is a single mother of a child. She has worked for the Houston police department for over 20 years and reportedly has an impeccable record. She resides with her child in Sugar Land, Texas. You can find Ms. Suro’s Linkedin page right here. She is a graduate of Sam Houston State University, and is currently a supervising sergeant and crime scene investigator.

You can see much more here. The photos on Model Mayhem have been taken down but we have some newsworthy ones in the gallery. The most revealing bondage pictures are not available anymore but there is nothing wrong with women posing that way, particularly because all models take provocative pics from time to time. And yes boys and girls, some women like Stacey Suro take nude photographs which is no big deal.

Stacy has also deleted her Facebook page which is too bad because we want to reach out to her for comment on this story. Her Twitter page is apparently this one although it has not been used much. She follows a lot of restaurant pages in her native Houston area, the Food Network and appears to be a fan of Anderson Cooper from CNN.

I love the heart tattoo on Stacey’s tummy which is shown on an artful picture that reveals her breasts. It is a reminder of the beautiful child who came out of body one day who will one day be proud of his mommy. Hopefully Stacey Suro’s nude pictures will not prevent her from standing up for herself and speak truth to power. Gone are the days of the good old boy network who can push women around for doing entirely legal things in their own free time.

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