Just when we thought cowgirls in America were the wild ones, we hear a most interesting story from across the pond about Russian passion. Natalia Woolley (photos via links below) is the Russian call girl/prostitute/hooker living in England who is accused of stomping an elderly client to death with her cowboy boots. She was reportedly in a rage over what services she would provide him that night and how much she would be paid in return.

Photo: Russian Prostitute (not Natalia Woolley)

The name of this prostitute’s John is Winston Fernandez, who suffered the murder of his wife recently and had turned to call girls in order to ease the pain of her loss in both the heart and in the bedroom. It was in his home late one fateful night that prosecutors believe that their hookup when bad. This was supposedly their forth night together after he had booked her through an escort service on three previous occasions.

Police say that the couple had some kind of argument that night and she went berzerk. They say that she beat and stomped him so forcefully that he had dozens of broken ribs and internal organ injuries. They also say that she cut the telephone lines to his home so that he could not call for help and that she left calmly by taxicab sometime late in the evening. She denies those charges, saying that he had locked her up and swung a bottle at her. Self-defense is a good alibi in cases like this and we believe it will be hard-pressed for prosecutors to substantiate the charges.

You can see much more here and here.

Biography: Natalia Woolley is a 38-year old beautiful escort living in England who does not look a day over 25. She supposedly charges the equivalent of $1,000 per night for an encounter with her body which is a nice fee for reputable call girls. She is originally from Russia but was living in West Kensington, one of the boroughs in London, England.

She was registered with several online escort agencies when the incident occurred including the 24-Carat Escorts and Diamond Escorts agencies. Unfortunately the links to her modeling profile pages on those websites are no longer active. She went online by the pseudonyms Lenka or Alice rather than her real name. That is a a good practice for women in the oldest profession known to the world.

Personally I highly recommend boots with stiff heels for women who party at night no matter what their profession. If this was an act of self-defense than Natalia Woolley has her cowboy boots to thank for defending her so well. We will not know the outcome of her trial for quite a while, but in the meantime I am curious as to reader thoughts about this most interesting story from England.