If he has done it once, he has done it a dozen times. DeLana Harvick (photos below) has repeatedly been the victim of a naughty prank by a NASCAR driver who is friends with her husband, according to reports. She is driver Kevin Harvick’s wife (formerly DeLana Linville), the gorgeous blond woman with model looks who we hear is fed up with the butt-squeezing antic by megastar Tony Stewart. See the video and pictures below and make up your own minds. Cool or not?

Photo: DeLana Harvick

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You may know Tony as the racing legend who has won three NASCAR Cup Series for the top performing driver in a year, the latest coming in 2011. Throw in a first place finish at the Indianapolis 500 in 1996, and a second place finish in 1997, and you have the stuff that compares him favorably with the great drivers in racing history. His best friend is Kevin Harvick, who has not enjoyed the same kind of lofty success but is himself a star racer with two 3rd place finished in the NASCAR yearly rankings, coming consecutively in 2010 and 2011.

All of that success is just crowd noise when it comes to DeLana Harvick, his loving wife who has been repeatedly groped by Tony in public. It’s all meant for good fun, of course, rather than a come on to his best friend’s wife, but she is reportedly fed up with the behavior. We hear that she has told her husband that the constant groping of her ass is humiliating. Who knew? Friends have told a national publication that “everyone got a good laugh the first few times Tony sneaked up behind DeLana and unexpectedly pinched her on the backside, but now the joke has gotten old and Kevin wants it to stop.” They say that he has told his buxom buddy to knock it off. You can read more here.

Biography: DeLana Harvick was born DeLana Linville in July 1973 so she is celebrating her 30th birthday this year. She is the daughter of John Paul Linville, a racing legend so it was quite natural that one day she met her future husband on the track. She married Kevin when she was just 19 years old on February 28, 2001. The couple currently reside in Kernersville, North Carolina.

You can find DeLana’s Twitter page right here. On it you find a woman who is completely dedicated to her family, with gobs of pictures of her husband on the racing circuit and at home, and many photos of their adorable little boy named Keelan Paul. He was born on July 8th, 2012 and is oh so cute!

She absolutely loves animals. DeLana is the proud mommy of not just her one-year old baby but also several cats and dogs which keep her company where her husband is away. But she usually joins him for his races. Mrs. Harvick is a fixture in pits and is in fact a part owner in her husband’s racing company.

DeLana Harvick has many Facebook fan pages dedicated to her growing aura, but her personal page appears to be this one. Unfortunately only friends can view the details but there is a cool picture there that is worth seeing.

Truth be known, DeLana Harvick’s ass is a beautiful thing, but the butt belongs to her and her husband’s alone despite what the video reveals. Kevin Harvick’s wife is a good sport for going along with the gag but we suggest that certain men grow up and move into the 21st century.

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