It is the scandal that won’t go away for Kate Middleton. Se og Her magazine has published completely nude photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. There are no bikini bottoms in these pics that will no doubt have the Royal family in an uproar.

By now everyone has heard and probably seen the topless photos of Middleton, if you haven’t you have certainly heard about them. Well turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg for Kate. Danish magazine, Se og Her, has released pictures that include her not only topless but without her bikini bottoms meaning she is butt naked! However before you perverts out there get too excited the shots are not as scandalous as they seem. I have seen the pictures and you can too right here thanks to Gawker, it isn’t like they are full on naked pics. They are grainy and you just see a little butt cheek. None the less because it is Kate it is newsworthy ad I am sure some people out there will get their thrills off of them.

These photos are of course from the vacation where Prince William and his wife were in France at a private home when illegal photos were taken of them. It has seriously been weeks since the scandal started and it doesn’t look like it is going to end anytime soon. Se of Her spent a whole week teasing their readers that there were nude photos of Kate and they had them. Today was the big reveal and here is what editor Kim Henningsen had to say about the decision to published the pics.

“It’s a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity. We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them. If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we’ll deal with it.”

Although William and Kate took legal action against Closer, the first magazine to publish the photos,
that has not stopped other outlets from taking full advantage of this scandal. Let’s be real here in today’s world filled with technology once photos or videos are released there is no stopping them from being duplicated or published or released, you get my point.

Once the initial topless pictures were released there were rumors that there are pictures of the prince and princess getting it on but those have yet to surface. Given that Se og Her, other publications are starting to follow suit too, has released the bottomless shots it would not surprise me at all that if there are in fact photos of the happy couple having sex those too will soon be shared with the world.

As this scandal continues to be, well be a scandal I have to wonder how long Kate and pictures of her naked body will ramian such a hot topic. It is probably safe to bet that this is going to haunt Middleton for the res of her life or until she doesn’t something else more scandalous than these pictures.

What do you think about the latest drama surrounding Kate?

Photos: PR photos