Cheryl Moana Marie is one lucky lady, she is now Antonio Sabato Jr’s wife. Yes ladies I hate to break it to you but hunky Sabato is officially off the market!

Let me introduce you to the woman who has won Antonio’s heart. The gorgeous brunette hails from the lovely island of Kauai, although she was actually born in Hillsboro, Oregon. The family moved to Kuai shortly after she was born. She totally has the stunning Hawaian look about her too, you can see what I am talking about in the below gallery photos. With her stunning looks it comes as no surprise that she was once a Raiderette, that is a cheerleader for the Oakland Radiders for those of you who don’t follow football or cheerleaders. Cheryl is what I like to call a jack of all trades in the Hollywood, she acts, models and sings. Thanks to her website I know that she has a killer voice and “Kauai Motion” her fist EP was a big hit. Plus she has some serious street cred as a back up vocalist. FYI her website has some great videos too.

Marie is clearly a creative woman but as it turns out she has a knack for business as well, the music biz that is. She started her own record label Kauaiian Girl Enterprises, which put out her first album and will be releasing her upcoming album Reach Higher. Her music can be heard all over the world and her first EP sold like hotcakes so girl must be doing something right. Oh besides the label she is also owner of Kamoana Music Publishing. It make sense I guess if you are going to have your own label you have to know how to publish music right? In case I didn’t mention it she writes a lot of her own music too.

The social media savy Cheryl can be found on Facebook and Twitter. However you Twitter happy people don’t get too excited because you actually have to send her a follow request in order to view her Tweets. Her settings are private for that but not for Facebook. Nope I was able to browse her personal page with no problems. There is also a business page for her but she said she isn’t posting there anymore.

Cheryl Moana Marie became Antonio Sabato Jr’s wife over the weekend. The couple were married in a very intimate ceremony, only 18 guests were in attendance, on a private beach at a beautiful estate in her hometown of Kauai. The newlyweds met three years ago. In May of 2011 the happy couple welcomed their son Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani Harvey Sabato III, that is quite a name isn’t it. The unusual middle name means ” ‘a beloved gift from the heavens’.
If you want to see the official released wedding photo you can do so here thanks to our friends at US Weekly. This is the first marriage for 41 Marie and the second for Sabato. Their trip down the isle comes is obviously a happy occasion however earlier this year things weren’t quite so rosy for the now husband and wife. While participating in the disastrous reality TV show Wife Swap Cheryl basically told Antonio she didn’t think he loved her and never wanted to see him again, a video clip from that episode is below. I am ashamed to admit I watched this episode because of them and the argument they had was nasty. I certainly wondered if they would ever make it to the alter but they did and they seem very happy. If you want to see photos from the wedding you can do so here thanks to our pals at Us Weekly.

Congrats to the happy couple on their marriage. Who thinks these two are in it for the long haul?