Never one to shy away from being controversial Rihanna has done it again, this time it involves a picture of a stripper between her legs. You did not read that incorrectly and you can see the Twitter pic right here. It is something to see that is for sure.

A Twitter happy RiRi shared with her millions of followers her night at the strip club on Thursday. Don’t you just love how thanks to social media we get to see celebs and non-celebs as well, do such crazy shiz! Rihanna is known for pushing the envelope so to speak, especially on the social media site and her adventures last night are no exception. She documented via a number of Tweets her evening at the strip club, including the above photo of a stripper between what appears to be Rihanna’s legs.

The very racy and explicit photo is of course making headlines. It isn’t just the pics that have people talking but the Tweets about the whole night. For example after the above shot was Tweeted the singer later said ” “I feel a sin comin on”. To me this is just Rihanna being herself. She does what she wants and she generates publicity for herself based on her actions there no doubt about that. I personally was very shocked when I first saw the photo. I am not a prude or anything but I do kind of think that perhaps it was a little too much info to share with her fans or Twitter followers if you will.

I don’t even think she does these kind of antics to get a reaction I think she is who she is and doesn’t care what people think. This as I am sure you are all aware is not the first time the Barbados beauty has Tweeted pictures of her with strippers. If you recall last May she posted shots of herself having a good time at Perfections, a gentleman’s club in Queens. Although they were not nearly as racy as what she posted yesterday, it did make headlines.

Here is what I want to know from you our faithful readers, what do you think of Rihanna’s racy stripper pic? Do you even think it is her or is it one of her entourage? Let know what you have to say about yet the latest stunt from RiRi that has oh so many people talking.