It appears that Kanye West’s obsession with Kim Kardashain has gone on for quite awhile. In fact the controversial singer has a sex tape that has surfaced of him and a Kim K look a like getting it on.

Thanks to RadarOnline, who claims to have seen the tape and have exclusive photos from it, West and an unnamed woman get hot and heavy for 20 minutes. The site further claims that with her booming body, curvacious curves and long black hair the chick is a dead ringer for Kanye’s girlfriend. That isn’t even the best part either, allegedly in the video the mystery lady confirms that she is over 18 and that she is married! Holy moly so not only does she resemble Kim but she was hitched that is some crazy shiz in my book. Apparently on the tape the woman says ” My husband and I no longer have sex, that is why I am here”. I don’t know about you but I am very disgusted by that. If you want to see a couple of photos from the footage RadarOnline has them, I have to say though they are boring so don’t be expecting to see some good naughty shots cause you won’t.

The websites goes on to explain that of course the XXX video is being shopped around and that is something West does not want. Allegedly the site says they have a sources who confirms that the video was filmed shortly before Kim and Kanye became a couple and he is now freaking out that the video will be sold. Let’s be honest if it is sold someone is going to make a killing from it. That being said as we have all seen from Kardashian’s sex tape the publicity around it and the topic of it will never go away, that could be bad for the couple.

So what exactly is on this tape that could start wreaking havoc on West’s life? Well reportedly as I said above it is 20 minutes long but it is not an intimate video. Nope it is allegedly just the two of them getting it on in various positions. It is apparently all about just doing the deed that is it, I know that might have been too much info but I had to share it with you all.

I personally haven’t seen the video yet and as far as I can tell RadarOnline seems to be the only people who have actually seen the tape. That being said it makes me wonder if a tape does exist or if this is another case of a made up story. I don’t know but I will say it would not surprise me at all if the footage is out there, like I said above he seems to have an obsession with Kim. That is what I have to say about this mega hot topic what do you have to say about it?

Photo by PR Photos