They had one of those Hollywood marriages that bucked the norm for longevity in celebrity matrimony. But Nancy Bruner will divorce her actor hubby after 36 years together, including raising a large family through thick and thin. As usual the split was the man’s idea according to court documents.

No, that certainly is not a photo of Nancy Bruner Vereen but rather the Murder She Wrote gal. We are trying to find pictures of Ben Vereen’s wife but they are hard (make that impossible) to come by. She obviously shunned the spotlight, which is kind of refreshing for a Hollywood spouse, so help us in the comments if you can with any publicly available information about her.

You know him as the highly versatile actor and dancer who has appeared in countless Broadway shows, first class movies, and television programs throughout his career. Although he is perhaps best known for playing the role of Chicken George in Alex Haley’s Roots series, his comfort zone and talent seems best at home on stage. He has appeared in almost 20 Broadway shows including such long-running blockbusters as Sweet Charity, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Chicago, and Wicked. The accomplished entertainer has two Tony Awards, two Golden Globes and three Emmys!

You would think that after such a distinguished career and successful marriage that Ben would be happy with the status quo, but apparently that is not the case. He cited “irreconcilable differences” in California court papers, which in that state usually means you are tired of fighting or just plain tired of your wife. The couple reportedly separated in March 2012 so the split seemed to be inevitable unfortunately.

Nancy Bruner married the man of her dreams in July 1976 shortly after watching him perform in a play and meeting backstage. The couple have several children including a beautiful daughter named Naja Vereen, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident on a New Jersey freeway when she was just 16 years old. Nancy was his second wife after a marriage to his first wife, a woman named Andrea Townsley which was consummated in 1966. Possibly he now has a relationship with a singer named Brenda Russell according to several online websites, but we cannot confirm those details ourselves.

Now below you can watch something you have never seen before. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Ben Vereen singing! And he sure can carry a tune. Nancy Bruner’s husband, oh let’s make that ex-hubster is quite an entertainer with limitless boundaries. Too bad things did not work out in his family life.