As a heartthrob for women and even men everywhere, more than half of the human race was disappointed when he finally tied the knot last year. Meet Ayda Williams (photos below), the gorgeous woman who landed a superstar singer in marital bliss. She is the former Ayda Field, Robbie Williams’ wife and now a new mama!

Photo: Ayda Williams (right)

Theodora Rose Williams was born on September 18th, 2012, a baby daughter and the couple’s very first child. Her nickname is Teddy for reasons that are mysterious but it may be because she is awesomely cute as a teddy bear weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces. Congratulations to the new mom and dad! Now that is off our chest, let us turn our attention to Ayda Williams who herself has a very nice chest that will soon be enjoyed by a little someone.

Biography: Ayda Williams was born Ayda Field on May 17th, 1979, so she is 33 years old today. She owes her striking looks to a Turkish father and gorgeous American mom. She graduated from college in 1997 from the Harvard-Westlake School in the southern California area. Ayda speaks at least four languages including fluent Turkish, and some Italian and French for those romantic times where she can whisper sweet Latin nothings in her man’s ear.

She began dating you-know-who in 2006 which was the start of a four year long mating ritual. Much later Robbie famously proposed on a live Australian radio program during what was suppose to be an interview. That event occurred in 2009 and the couple were married the following summer in 2010 in Beverly Hills, California, where they currently live.

Although we cannot locate a Twitter page for her, Ayda’s Facebook page is purportedly here which contains a lot of wedding photos and other pics of the couple together as well as some scintillating images of her modeling this and that. Outside of supporting one of the world’s hottest men, her interests include cricket and golf. I can understand the golf, but for an American girl cricket sounds like something you say that you like when you are dating an Englishman but in reality you have no clue about it.

After college Ayda became a stand-up comedian in the Los Angeles area and modeled for a few fashion magazines. She began to take acting classes and landed a few gigs including a cool appearance on Days of Our Lives. Obviously she is very talented and versatile. In 2006 she was introduced to her famous husband by mutual friends. Ayda appears in one of his musical videos during their dating days.

Interestingly the kiddo drop intentionally took place in England because dad wanted her to be a citizen of Great Britain. How nationalist! Nevertheless they do not yet know where they will settle down eventually to raise their growing family. He still tours a lot and has lived all over the world including Australia, England and the U.S. You can read more about the new addition here.

The video below is a great pictorial album of Ayda Williams that cover her days as a model, comic, wife and now mother. Enjoy!

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