We sure hope that lucky baby gets to breastfeed. Yes friends, Petra Ecclestone is pregnant and beginning to sport a delicious baby bump which is still well hidden thanks to her impeccable fashion choices. She never has been one to show her tummy out on the social scene so covering up is easy for Petra.

Photo: Petra Ecclestone’s Tummy! (left)

She of course is the blond in the picture who just happens to be the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the main man behind formula one racing in England. He founded an empire, leaving vast wealth and riches to his gorgeous daughters, Petra and the equally hot socialite Tamara Ecclestone. They owe their awesome looks to their mother Slavica who is a former Armani model. There are plenty of photos of mom and daughters are on sister’s Twitter page which you can find here.

Petra was married just last year to the very lucky handsome hunk James Blunt. They are apparently actually doing it in bed already if these reports of her getting knocked up are to be believed. By the way she is a fashion designer by trade, but nobody ever said she needed to work.

Petra Ecclestone pregnant! And good for her and good for him. She is only 23 years old which is far too early for many women who are often not mature enough to handle it. But there is an argument for raising the kids early which leaves plenty of time later to enjoy life to the fullest while you still have some portion of your youth and health left.

In fact she could very easily have 100 more kids and never meet one of them while cleaning her home. The wealthy couple bought a huge home in southern California that has over 100 rooms. Yes that is way excessive but she has the money and apparently ran out of ideas on how to spend it. Can you imagine getting lost in your own home?

You can read more here and here but don’t expect to see a baby bump!

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