One of funniest viral videos of the last few months is still dominating. The ridiculous music video of a so-called rapper dancing around is pretty riotous…but have you seen the Gangnam Style US Naval Academy video? They’re the latest people to pay homage to the ridiculous viral sensation.

You might remember that recently a bunch of California life guards got the boot for making their own version. It was pretty funny, but definitely amateur.

This one is a little better, and I seriously doubt these guys will get kicked out of the academy for this litte stunt.

The only part that isn’t really up to par is the lip-syncing, which actually spoils certain funny moments. Thing thing they get the most credit for is being in formation for most of the video.

Like true military members, they seem to always find an organized way to stand during the group shots.

My favorite is definitely when they are on campus at the academy, in front of some of the prestigious buildings.

They are pretty much in step with each other throughout the video, and the main guy with the sunglasses is pretty funny.

It turns from okay to hysterical when they all start the hip-thrusting parts. There is lots of it. And of course the ridiculous cross-hands move that Psy does.

Anyway, what makes this one stand out is the video editing. Someone at least used an entry level, non-linear editing software to piece this together. That is more than can be said of some of the other attempts, which had high school TV production quality to them.

So check it out, and let us know. Is the US Naval Academy Gangnam Style video better than the other spoofs?