Chris Brown got a little note from the HMV stores in England when they decided to slap a very special label on the front of them. I’m sure his people will have a response to it, but for now, it’s making big headlines.

Even though it was a while ago that he was convicted of beating Rihanna, Chris Brown can’t live it down. Some people are very upset about it still. Especially the people who run the HMV stores in London.

His album is on the shelves there, but there is a huge warning sticker that reads: “WARNING: Do Not Buy This Album. This Man Beats Women.”

Obviously this isn’t really a fair business practice, even for a convicted woman beater. I wonder what his record label/distributor plans to do about it?

I think they may actually find themselves in a little bit of trouble over this. It could hurt sales, and if you can prove that people are hurting your business financially, you might have a case for a lawsuit.

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