Meet Annie Hawkins Turner, or you may know her as Norma Stitz, softcore porn queen. She holds the record for the worlds largest breasts, at a size 102ZZZ. They weight nearly 85 lbs and despite having to drag those puppies around her whole life, Annie doesn’t see anything wrong with them and has never contemplated surgery.

Discovery is airing a new documentary show called Sextember about how diverse and varied human sexuality is. Annie Hawkins will appear on the show, as she has the worlds largest boobs. She has already appeared on TLC’s Strange Sex, but obviously you can see why people want to get to know more about her.

Anne is all natural as she suffers from gigantomastia, and has been wearing a bra since third grade. I am pretty sure this is not the typical training bra we were all fitted for at that age. The condition causes her breast tissue to grow at a constant rate, leaving her with a 102ZZZ bra size. Despite the extra baggage, Annie says she has not once considered surgery to reduce her cup size.

“I’ve never thought about bringing a knife to myself. Why fix something that’s not broken?”

Not only is she not broken, but those suckers also make her money. Duh!! She has done about 250 porn films under the name of Norma Stitz, a word play on “enormous tits.” People recognize her from her films and chase her, which has caused her to hire security. I would think that would be absolutely necessary, though she could surely use those things as weapons should she be attacked, I am sure they would knock a dude out with one swift swing!

On a personal note, Annie is a mother of two children, and was married for 13 years to a retired Air Force officer named Alan, who died in 2003.

Girlfriend sure knows how to work what her mama gave her cause she has made a business out of her boobs! Way to rock out. She has a youtube page full of videos for her fans and tons of admirers have left comments for her asking for more. Can you get enough?

Below I have posed pictures of Annie Hawkins Turner, or Norma Stitz, along with video for you to enjoy. You can also check out her Facebook and Twitter for more.