The downward spiral of actress Amanda Bynes continues with photos of her allegedly smoking marijuana in a pipe while in the driver’s seat of a car. Those two things are bad news for Bynes and have many wondering just how out of control is she?

TMZ obtained the very incriminating photos of Bynes tooling around Los Angeles while she was smoking what looks to be pot. As you may or may not know the What I Like About You star has a suspended license, so she shouldn’t be driving at all much less getting high and driving. If you go to TMZ you can see a number of different pics that are going to be very damaging for Amanda. At this point she can’t really afford to have this kind of publicity but based on her actions she doesn’t seem to really care at all what so ever.

What the heck is going on with this former child star? She is clearly going through a rebellious or I don’t give a shiz phase if you will and it is bad for business. She has had a string of hit and runs along with a DUI in recent months and now driving with a suspended license while smoking weed. Get it together girl, you can afford a driver for god-sake hire one then get high all you want. For those of you wondering what makes me think it was weed she was smoking, well take a look at the pictures on the TMZ website and you will see one of what appears to remnants of weed in the ashtray. It so is not the ashes from cigarettes that is for sure.

Along with the new pictures of Bynes there are reports that she is refusing to go to rehab. I don’t know if those allegations are accurate or not but based on these pics I would say she might need some help. Looks to me like Amanda has some issues and if she isn’t careful she will end up being the next Lindsay Lohan, a Hollywood has been who is now best known for her trouble-making ways. Being compared to Lilo would be enough to scare me straight. That plus well perhaps losing my career then again I haven’t been on TV since I was like 9 years old either. Here is hoping she gets her act together before she hurts herself or someone else very seriously.

This is one hot topic my friends and I want to know your two cents so be sure to let me hear it.