In the manly world of competitive sports, very few gay athletes have dared come out of the closet. Jamie Kuntz (photos below) is a brave exception to the rule who is heroically making a statement for cultural change as a now openly gay North Dakota football player.

Photo: Jamie Kuntz

And yet his outing did not go unpunished by the good old boy network at the school. The young man was kicked off his college football team at North Dakota, he says, because his coach caught him kissing another man. We cannot know the truth about that assertion because media reports have only carried his side of the story. Thus far the school has not publicly commented.

What Jamie says is that he was seen by teammates kissing his boyfriend in the press box during a recent game. He was filming the game from that location because he has an injury that prevents him playing right now. With him was his boyfriend. He kissed him and supposedly some of his teammates noticed, told the coach, and then the coach confronted him about it. He says that he got kicked off the team for poor public conduct, code for don’t-be-gay-in-public.

There is another side to the story of Jamie Kuntz which is also relevant. He is just 18 years old while his boyfriend is a much older man of 65 years old. We cannot call the old geezer a pervert because we don’t know him, but think of a college freshman cheerleader smooching a 65-year old dude in front of her squad. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if she were booted off the field as well. You can read more of the details here.

One thing that caught my eye is how the good old boy media is covering the story. What is especially enlightening is the point of view of sports testosterone site Busted Media, which unabashedly specializes in hot chicks and the dudes who like them a lot. You can read their comments here about how normal he seems and everyone should just take a chill pill.

Biography: Jamie Kuntz is a religious young man who loves photographing the outdoors. One of the pics on his social media page is a spectacular funnel cloud that is hanging over a football stadium. The caption reads “if you don’t believe in God, here’s your proof.” He hangs out with girls, seems to drive a pickup truck, and like all football players includes way too many boring pics of his helmet and gear.

Kuntz stands 6’0″ tall and weighed 220 pounds in his junior year of high school when he could bench press 255 pounds, clean and jerk 245 pounds and squat 425 pounds. No wonder his position is linebacker for the North Dakota Wildcats which is that testosterone-laden position where the guy gets to smack down scrawny little running backs and receivers who go over the middle. You can see a highlight reel of his skill in the Youtube video below. Cool stuff!

His Twitter page is here in which he tweeted about the controversy. But rather than see himself as some kind of martyr for civil rights, Jamie is all about football, friends, guns, and even a gorgeous babe in his Twitter profile photo whom he calls his best friend.

Jamie’s Facebook page is located here which is more of the same. There we learn that he is originally from Dickinson, North Dakota, and still lives there to this day. His musical tastes include Rihanna, Drake, and Justin Bieber (oh no!) while his favorite professional athlete is Kobe Bryant.

We hear that Jamie Kuntz wants to transfer to a new school now and restart his collegiate football life. If true, that is too bad. We think the school should reconsider their own behavior in this travesty and reinstate Jamie. It is probably the right thing to do.

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