There seems to be a growing trend of aggressive women demanding much too much from men. Amanda Linscott (photos below) is a woman from Florida who was multitasking in an automobile according to police. The sensational allegations have created a viral internet story that is just too juicy to miss.

We have to stop right now and say these are allegations which have not yet been proven to be true, but what Florida police say got our interest in the resourceful woman considerably up. She was reportedly doing the naughty from the passenger seat in an automobile driven by an eager young man who gladly received her services as many men love to do when driving for some reason.

We finally learn why they call it the shotgun seat, because Amanda reportedly pulled a high caliber handgun from her purse and demanded money from her new lover. Well he seems to have panicked for some reason, smacked her upside the head while wrestling for the gun, lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a tree. Go figure!

Biography: Amanda Jean Linscott is a 26-year old woman living around Port Charlotte, Florida. She reportedly met the man while bar hopping with another female friends. Things got hot and heavy that night and they apparently ended up in that car for a joy ride. Surely this is a night her alleged victim will never forget. You can read plenty more here.

According to arrest records which you can find here, Amanda is a New Year’s eve baby so she arrived in this world with fireworks and seems to have never slowed down. She is 5’3″ tall and weighs 125 pounds with long brown hair and hazel eyes that appear green in her mugshot photo which shows a nasty welt below her left eye.

Miss Linscott is originally from the great state of New Hampshire where she was apparently running with the wrong crowd. She was caught up with a boyfriend there who got her in trouble with the police in that state earlier in 2012, a story you can read here.

We are trying to find Amanda Linscott’s Facebook pages or Twitter pages so we can learn more about her but we are having trouble in that pursuit. Please help us if you know any other public information so we can try to reach her for an interview. We would very much like to publish her side of the story, because believe me, there are always two sides to this kind of story. Inquiring minds want to know!

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