Looks like karma is a biotch for LeAnn Rimes now that rumors are circulating that her now hubby Eddie Cibrian might be back to his cheating ways. Could this perhaps be the reason that the country singer checked herself into a treatment facility for emotional issues?

The National Enquirer is running a story that Rimes is on the brink because her hubby has kept in contact with actress Scheana Marie, who he just so happened to cheat on his first wife Brandi Glanville with. Turns out that Eddie never lost touch with his onetime affair and it is pushing LeAnn over the edge, at least according to the tabloid. .

Although sources close to Cibrian claim the affair is long over, they insist he still keeps in touch with Marie but very secretively. It is all allegedly done though someone in his immediate circle to initiate things and uses a friend’s phone to text or call Scheana. It seems that he never cheated on Rimes but allegedly the contact between the two former lovers has made the singer lose her mind. The National Enquirer goes on to talk about how LeAnn has been hysterical that Eddie is going out all the time leaving her alone yada yada yada.

Given the source of this news I don’t know that I would entirely believe the story. However since LeAnn just checked into a treatment facility last week, even though she used cyber-bullying as her reason, there could be some truth to it. I hate to sound like a cliché but once a cheater always a cheater seems like an appropriate thing to say here. It would not surprise me at all if Eddie was sneaking around behind his superstar wife’s back.

Here is a little info on Eddie’s mistress or former mistress if you want. She appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a waitress who was actually confronted by Cibrian’s first wife Brandi. If you missed the episode it was awesome, staged I am sure but still really good. She also had bit parts on 90210 and Greek. Marie clearly likes the celebrity guys because she was also linked with manwhore John Mayer. I guess the girl has a type. She hasn’t made it as an actress so perhaps dating a famous guy is the next best way to get noticed huh? Check out more photos of Scheana here.

Are LeAnn and Eddie headed for splitsville because of his wandering eye? I don’t know and you know neither one of them is going to admit anything until it is all said and done so for now we just wait to see what happens. That is what I think what your thoughts?

Photo: RP Photos