The Dev Sex tape has gone viral. I just love a juicy post like this, these wanna be stars get all naked for the camera and then when they get famous, they claim someone is out to get them. Bogus!

In case you don’t know who Dev is, her name is Devin Star Tailes and she is the singer behind “in the Dark.” Apparently, back in her younger days, before she was famous, the 23 year old made a dirty tape with her then boyfriend. She told TMZ,

“My boyfriend at the time and I were young and having fun, it was a long time ago.”

Now that footage is being shopped around and will be sold to the highest bidder. She is desperately trying to block it from happening, claiming that the seller is just trying to embarrass her. How about trying to make a few bucks???

Dev has sent out the typical cease and desist letter and is threatening legal action against anyone who publishes the sex tape. Needless to say you will NOT find it on this site. We don’t mess around with that stuff, we just love to dish about it. But you may try your luck here or here.

Don’t get your hopes up though, the video is said to have a “One Night In Paris” feel and was done in night vision. The only way Dev is recognizable is because of a stupid diamond and sparrow tattoo. Guess it just isn’t “Like a G6.” A celeb sex tape is always worth big bucks though, even is it is not an A lister. In some cases (cough, cough Kim Kardashian) it makes that socialite or celeb an A lister though!

In case you didn’t know, Dev is also the artist behind “Booty Bounce” which was sampled in Far East Movement’s hit single “Like a G6.”

All jokes aside, Devin has good reason to keep things under wraps. No one wants to think of a mother making a naughty video, right?

“I am now a mom and engaged and have more important things to think about then someone trying to embarrass me.”

What do you think about the Dev sex tape? Will you be searching for it or will this be one celeb video you pass up?

Check out her video below.

DEV Naked ft. Enrique Iglesias