Luminita Perijoc is apparently known around Romania as an Angelina Jolie look-a-like. She has some sort of a following over there, but I can think of one man that is no longer a fan!

According to reports, Perijoc actually lured a cab driver into her apartment after saying she needed help with her bags. At that point, the crazy allegations start.

According to documents, she then forced the man at knife-point to have sex with her not once, but three times. She even made him perform oral sex on her. After not being very satisfied by him, she decided to stab him about six times.

Luckily he survived the incident, but he says he is suffering a lot more than just stab wounds. The cab driver, named Nicolae Stan says that he gets harassed by people who can’t believe he would turn her down.

Here is what he had to say about the madness:

“It is terrible. I am now a local celebrity, every one is talking about me…They don’t understand why I refused her, but they do not know what it is like to have a mad woman yelling at you at knife point…But I think anyone would find it impossible to perform with a knife at their throat…I think she wasn’t used to anyone saying no because she flew into a rage when I declined. She took out a knife and forced me to undress and have sex with her…”

Wow. A story like this is rare in the first place, but if they DO happen, they are normally done by troll-looking people. If everyone considers her to be like Angelina, than it is probably rare for her to be turned down.

According to sources, she was on medication at the time and may have not been in a clear frame of mind.

Sounds like somebody needs to go back to the doctor for a different prescription. Sheesh.

Check out some Luminita Perijoc photos below. What do you think REALLY happened? You can check out her Facebook page HERE