This story goes to prove that too much of a good thing can be bad. Meet Kim Ramsey (photos below), the nurse from Monclair, New Jersey, who claims to have 100 orgasms each day. You might enviously suspect that she has a great man in her life but in reality she suffers from a condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), which you can learn all about in the video at the bottom of this article.

Photo: Kim Ramsey

Can you imagine getting an orgasm while vacuuming in the floor? How about riding a bumpy train or simply shaking hands with a stranger? Those life situations are realities for those unlucky women who have been diagnosed with a rare medial condition called PGAD, which stands for Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.

A forensic nurse living in New Jersey named Kim Ramsey has bravely stepped forward to give an interview about her plight to a British newspaper. Needless to say the sensational report of a woman with 100 orgasms a day has people talking around the water coolers at work.

Although the condition has not been studied enough be medical scientists (and why not?), doctors believe that PGAD affects women in the early stages of menopause and seems to be associated with bladder conditions as well. In Ms. Ramsey’s case they believe that cysts caused by a fall may be in exactly the right spot to constantly arouse her.

Now imagine how this problem might affect your life. You are in bed with your boyfriend and give him the ride of his life, allowing him to think that he is king of the sack by your reaction to his every move. Guys love that. But what if upon climaxing, he notices you keep going on and on and on. And then you jump out of bed and orgasm while brushing your teeth, feeding the cat, and making him coffee.

Perhaps this is why Kim says that she cannot have a normal relationship. She says that “other women wonder how to have an orgasm. I wonder how to stop mine.” You can read about PGAD more generally here and about Kim’s problem specifically here.

As for her biography, Kim Ramsey is 44-years old curently living in Monclair, New Jersey. She is originally from Hertfordshire in England. Kim has been a forensic nurse for the last 18 years. She works for a public prosecutor’s office where one of her specialties is helping to put together evidence in assault cases. She is an expert witness in her field who gives lectures, one of which you can read about here.

Now watch the educational video below complete with mood music that I’m embarrassed to say got me excited. Ewe!

Video: PGAD