We’ve heard of the mile high club but this is a tryst of a different nature. Meet Maygan Sensenberger (photos below), the hot young wife of the Canadian Senator from Manitoba. At just 23 years old, the ancient politician got himself a beautiful young wife and baby made some noise on an airplane recently according to reports.

Photo: Maygan Sensenberger

If you live in Canada you know exactly who he is, the liberal Senator who was first elected in 2005 so he has been in the Canadian Parliament for the last seven years making a name for himself as a prolific fundraiser for his party. He also happens to be a rich philanthropist and businessman. One thing guys can do with money is get awesome wives, and who could possibly begrudge them?

Well, friends, she reportedly caused a disturbance on board an airplane in Canadian airspace on Thursday, August 23rd, that has raised eyebrows in the highest levels of politics in the country and made for one darn good story of a gorgeous young wife perhaps causing problems for her famous husband. We think he’ll get over it though because he has a great woman at home. Police say that she raved on board that he had a medical problem but then simultaneously began threatening him and other passengers and flight attendants believed the aircraft was endangered. We would be surprised if all of the allegations are true and think airplane personnel get a little edgy sometimes.

Biography: Maygan Sensenberger is originally from the small town of Collingwood, Ontario, which is northeast of Toronto on the huge Georgian Bay which is part of the Great Lakes off of Lake Huron. She is currently a student at Everest College according to her LinkedIn page here which is a vocational trade school in Ontario.

She is quite adept at the social networking game like all young women these days and probably quite in contrast with her 69-year old husband. She has not only a Facebook personal page which you can find here, but also an entire page dedicated to a “fun display of the crazy journey that leads to and is Our Wedding” which you can find here. I love the pictures on the second site because it shows she can think outside the box with an artistic flair.

Both Facebook pages are loaded with photos and well worth a visit to get an idea of Maygan Sensenberger’s awesome wifely assets. Unfortunately Rod Zimmer’s wife does not appear to have a Twitter page because we would love to see more of her.

The couple live in Ottawa, Ontario currently, undoubtedly still in marital bliss and with something to laugh about until they both get old. They were married on August 27th, 2011, so their one year wedding anniversary is just a few days away at the time of this writing. But they better be careful about the one year itch. Everything is great in a marriage for the first twelve months, and then watch out!

You can read a report of her alleged naughty disturbance aboard the aircraft right here. She appeared in court on August 24th, 2012 and was seen crying in the courtroom as perhaps the weight of the situation got on the young woman’s nerves as would be the case for anyone. She was charged with endangering a flight and causing a public disturbance which apparently frightened the passengers. You know those Canadians are easily frightened and we think they should all take a chill pill.

So on a scale of one to ten, how would our readers grade Maygan Sensenberger? From my point of view, she is a perfect ten, seven for hotness, one for marrying well, and two for the fun party factor. Don’t you just love her?!