Four decades later and she still wears the royal pendant around her neck as a memory token of what might have been from a forbidden love. Zsuzsi Starkloff (photos below) is the shunned woman whom Great Britain would know as Prince William of Gloucester’s girlfriend and passionate lover in the early 1970s.

Photo: Zsuzsi Starkloff

Her affair with the handsome playboy William frightened Queen Elizabeth out of her wits who reportedly plotted with the royal family to get rid of the unwanted intruder from the tight knit royal family. After all it was barely thirty years earlier when Edward VIII abdicated the throne so that he could marry the socialite Mrs. Simpson, not only a divorcee but a Yankee from America to boot. Now another foreigner dared attempt to thin the royal bloodline. Zsuzsi was from Hungary and a divorcee herself. Sacrilege!

If the Queen had relented Mrs. Starkloff would have become the Duchess of Gloucester, with all the pomp and circumstance that such a position in society warrants in England. Her own castle, hew own servants, her own butler, and her own man whom she loved dearly from the bottom of her heart. Tragically, Prince William of Gloucester died in a plan crash when he was only 30 years old, without wedding the woman he loved or resolving the conflict within Buckingham Palace.

Biography: Zsuzsi Starkloff was born in Hungary and was a model in her home country. Her long brown hair and big brown eyes caught the attention of men whenever she entered a room. It was fate that brought them together in same room one day, and by the next they were in each other’s arms for keeps.

She was born in 1935 which made her fully seven years older than her prince charming. As pressure mounted on the affair, she moved to New York at the bequest of the powers that be, out of sight but definitely not out of the mind of her prince. After a brief time apart, he came to see her frequently and their hot romance regained fire abroad. She lives now in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, far from the palace intrigue that submarined their relationship so many decades ago. You can visit her Facebook page here but it isn’t very helpful because she has long been a private person.

You can read a long article about their love affair here which brought me to tears upon reading the final sentence. “He died wearing my ring. And I still think about him every day.”

Zsuzsi Starkloff has carried these feelings for 40 years and has long been forgotten by the public. Now flash forward to 2012 when Prince Harry’s naked photos are spreading around the internet like wildfire. And yet the Queen has a problem with divorced people who aren’t born in England.

So we ask our readers, who is the better role model? As you ponder the obvious answer, watch the video of her handsome hunk’s life story retold in pictures.

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