Holy shocker, Jessica Lange is allegedly in a lesbian relationship with her co-star Sarah Paulson! I don’t know about you but this news certainly took me by surprise and I don’t know if I really believe it.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Lange and Paulson have taken their friendship to the next level and are a couple. That is not all either according to the tabloid the two ladies are in love, aren’t they always in love in the beginning? Anyway a source close to the couple told The Enquirer that although Sarah and Jessica have been friends for years, they have only been dating for the past year.

In what is an interesting turn of events it was allegedly Paulson that Lange turned to back in 2009 when her 27-year relationship with actor Sam Shepard went kaput. According to “the source” Sarah was a good friend to Jessica and the relationship between the two women blossomed into love. Those of you wondering how all of the sudden the Academy Award winner is a lesbian well apparently she is a free spirit who has been quoted as saying she loves who she loves, that little bit of info is again thanks to the tabloid. Sarah and Jessica originally met back in 2005 when they were both in the Broadway play “The Glass Menagerie”, there are reports that Paulson has been pinning for her co-star ever since then but again that is just a media report no confirmation on that.

So is there any truth to the accusation that the American Horror Story co-stars are in a relationship? Well not according to an unnamed spokesperson for Lange, who told The Daily Mail that there was no truth to the Enquirer’s fabricated story. Now given that both The Daily Mail and the tabloid don’t give specific names like her rep or her manager, I kind of think both publications are full of B.S. I mean we all know that The National Enquirer is far from being a reputable paper or whatever it is trying to be and although I usually think The Daily Mail knows what they are talking about in this case I don’t. Like I said it is all about having a source or spokesperson but not really giving any concrete information.

All of that being said my two cents on this topic is who the heck knows what is true, besides Jessica and Sarah that is. If it was anyone else besides The National Enquirer breaking this story I might say there is some truth to it but I don’t think so in this case. I am inclined to believe the two are co-stars nothing more. I could be wrong but that is what I think, what do you have to say about this hot topic?

Photo: PR Photos