She is one of the world’s most interesting people and now she will have something that has eluded her for many years. Tim Medvetz will marry Cher in a wedding ceremony later this year, according to reports which first surfaced in the National Enquirer.

Photo: Tim Medvetz

If his name sounds familiar to her fans that is because this is the second go around for the happy couple. They were originally expected to marry in 2008 but she backed away from those plans because she was still touring. They drifted apart for the last several years but then she had a change of heart after encouragement from her daughter Chastity (now son Chaz). She got back together with her former flame and is reportedly set to walk down the aisle once more!

And good for her. This will be Cher’s third marriage after a long time on the eligible list. She divorced Sonny Bono in 1975 and remarried Gregg Allman from the famous band of brothers which carried his name on the rock and roll stage. They divorced in 1979. That was 33 years ago and Cher has been without a husband ever since.

However, Tim Medvetz has not been her only other lover by a long shot. She has been dating and linked to some of the world’s most famous people in show business. Notches on her bedpost include Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, Tom Cruise, rocker Gene Simmons and actor Warren Beatty to name just a few. Of course Warren has dated everyone with a skirt in Hollywood so that is no big surprise.

Biography: Tim Medvetz is a former Hells Angles motorcycle gang member with a huge sense of living life to its fullest. In addition to riding bikes he is a outdoor adventurer who has scaled Mt. Everest. He currently lives in Hollywood, California. Medvetz is just 42 years old which makes him fully 24 years younger than the singing diva and one year older than Chaz! You can visit his Facebook page here. Tragically Tim’s sister passed away in 2008 just the day before her 41st birthday.

Tim suffered a brutal motorcycle motorcycle accident on September 10th, 2001, the day before the Twin Towers collapsed. As he lay in his hospital bed the doctors told him that he may never walk again. Determined to get back on his feet he began a vigorous rehabilitation program that made him even stronger than before.

It was there that Tim set a crazy goal in his sights. Tim Medvetz wanted to scale Mt. Everest, and seven years later after a long period of grueling physical rehab he finally lived his dream. You can find a website devoted to his conquest here. On the top of the page is a biography section which contains a very moving and heroic story of his determination in the face of adversity.

He is a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Heroes project, something that he co-founded which helps veterans with disabilities adjust to life back in the USA after combat. You can learn how to help by going here. His effort caused ABC to name him a Person of the Week in 2011.

It also seems to have won him back the respect and admiration of a certain talented singer and song writer. You know who I am talking about! Good luck to Tim Medvetz and our favorite vamp, Cher!

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