We all say ho hum to another story about love and jealousy, but when bondage is involved our little ears perk up like radar tracing an incoming missile. Meet Frankie Santiago (photos below), the jealous sex slave of one Edward Sonderling who is considered quite a catch in the New York S&M scene where he is known as King Eddo. She is known as Mistress Althea-Lyn when she is under her master’s spell.

Photo: Frankie Santiago

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Frankie says that things were going great for the first part of their relationship. She gladly received her daily spankings and occasional whippings each morning before Edward jettisoned off to his highly paid job as the CEO of a Manhattan investment advisory company in New York city. She served his every whim and desire as Mistress Althea-Lyn, including attending orgy parties and going all in for bondage when he wanted to dominate her, which was often. She felt lucky to be in his arms as the 50-something hunk of man had the rocking hard body of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the youthful, pretty boy face of Justin Bieber.

But then a new girl got his attention, one who also satisfied his every whim and desire and was just a little bit younger. Our King Eddo broke up with Frankie suddenly after a party and she realized she had lost the master who had led her life. That’s when all hell broke loose in their relationship and jealously for her master apparently began to consume her. Police say that she blew into a madly jealous rage, breaking the window of his car with a sex toy. She has been charged with stalking and harassment. Read the details here.

Biography: Frankie Santiago is 27 years old with a gorgeous body and pretty smile worthy of any master’s attention. Her Asian heritage and pretty face make her quite the attraction for men of all kinds, and I would think particularly in the S&M community where many of the women look like bulldozers.

She was “reviewed” on an erotic site that does such things, which lists her height as about 5’4″ tall, size 31″ breasts and a slim figure. Apparently she has clients for kinky bondage action who then wrote reviews on the site. One is glowing about her services while the other is not. You can read them yourself here by clicking the reviewer links at the bottom of that page.

We are trying to locate her social media profiles so we can tell our readers more about this most interesting woman. Many of the pictures in the gallery came from his MySpace page. He also has a Facebook page which is just a professional one for clients to see he is a standup guy. If the readers can help us find her page please do!

Meanwhile do not miss the video!

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