Some men just cannot get over it. You know the type. Kelley Marie Pospisil is the latest women in the news to claim that her ex-boyfriend has been stalking her, and in her case the guy is a semi-famous celebrity, Courtney Gains.

Okay fine. Semi-famous is perhaps too generously lavishing on the fame, but he does have almost 100 credits to his television and filmography including dozens of works in pre and post-production during the last couple of years. TV series he has acted in include Charmed, CSI, Monk, and The Guardian, while his movie roles include appearances in Back to the Future and Children of the Corn.

She has basically accused him of tormenting and threatening her after their breakup. The former couple apparently had a 2-year relationship that went sour just as almost all Hollywood relationships eventually go. Most men move on, but she is accusing him of latching on like a fly on flypaper. She filed a restraining order against him in court and the judge granted it.

In the legal documents she says that “I am scared that he may be following me or stalking me … [the] behavior is terrifying and making me fearful of my life.” She says that he has sent her scary text messages recently which contained threatening language and that he has been trying to track her down through Facebook friends. You can read more of the details here.

According to a search of the public records, Kelley Marie Pospisil is 35-years old and currently residing or recently lived in Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. We won’t go any further than that because if she is right about him, there is no need to help a stalker. In 1992 her step-mother was killed in the line of duty as a Florida police officer when she lived in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is listed in a book called “True Heroines” which is an anthology of policewomen killed in action in the United States.

We believe that she is athletic and the same women by her name who has competed in Duathlon competitions as Kelley Pospisil such as this one. Those are high-endurance events that combine running and bicycling. She has also competed in marathon races in the mid-west.

We hope that the restraining order will put final closure on their relationship. We know that some men have a tough time moving on, but it seems a Hollywood celebrity would have other choices among the flock. Of course, there are always two sides to every story. We reached out for comment from Courtney via his Facebook page and will include his side of the story if we hear from him.