[Editor update – there is enough opinion on the internet that the pics on that site are fake so we are removing them]

Here are the supposed photos of Evelyn Lozada’s face injuries published by a site called ilpvideo.com that are making their way around the internet along with a video. They purportedly show the head butt injuries sustained as a result of the alleged attack from her NFL husband Chad Johnson, formerly known as Ochocinco. The burning question is are these hospital pictures of her head injuries fake?

If real they show the reality star lying in a hospital bed with a swollen right eye and a severe cut on her forehead. The forehead cut matches what we know about her injuries from police and friends who reported a three inch facial laceration. The woman in the picture has her same reddish hair color and general facial features.

If fake the pics are just a cruel joke on the world perpetrated by a website trying to make a name for itself. They were posted along with a video by a site called ilpvideo.com. We won’t link it here because readers are greeted with an annoying rap song blasting way too loud for the general office environment that your boss will definitely not appreciate.

Chad Johnson has now been arrested for head butting Evelyn Lozada and now we hear that she is going to press charges. Pictures are worth a thousand words so if these images are real we can expect the football star is in a world of trouble. They are clearly reminiscent of Rihanna’s facial injuries sustained as a result of an altercation with Chris Brown three years ago. One of the photos in the gallery shows the stitches after her cut was sewn up, something that would obviously leave a lasting scar.

Their argument reportedly started when she found a receipt for rubbers in his car after the couple spent a night out on the town. One would think all couples would responsibly use birth control protection but we do know that some NFL players believe they are above the laws of responsible boyfriends elsewhere. You can read the latest news update here.

The couple were married just a month ago and she officially changed her name to Evelyn Johnson as you can see on her Twitter page here. So far she has had nothing to say to her fans but Twitter is full of well wishers who are clearly blaming him for whatever happened. Her last tweet was August 11th just before the big fight that night.

More photos of Evelyn Lozada’s face are below assuming the sources are right that this is really her. We have our doubts, but one way or the other it is a huge story. We hope that the reality star is okay, and that if things are not all they seem that the couple will be able to reconcile. Otherwise, my advice for Evelyn is get away from him fast. The world is full of lovestruck women who get beat up by their men. Don’t be another statistic!