Steve Wonder has filed for divorce from his with Kai Millard Morris.

Morris and Wonder have been married for 11 years, two of which they have been separated. Today however the singer made it official that he is ending their union when he filed divorce papers citing irreconcilable differences. He is also seeking joint custody of their children, Kailand age 10, and Mandla age 7. TMZ is reporting that Stevie will pay both child and spousal support. Apparently the two reached a point where they could not get over the issus in their marriage. I will say this though they were separate for two years, that is a long time so it would seem like they were trying to work things out, too bad it had to end in divorce. This was the first marriage for Kai but the second for Wonder.

As news of the divorce between Stevie and Kai spread people of course are curious about Mrs. Morris. What does the public really know about her? Not a whole heck of a lot that is for sure. Other than the above information and that she is a fashion designer that is basically it. They were a pretty private couple to say the least. Wonder, whose real name is Stevland Morris, has always kept his family out of the spotlight but you can check out a photo of the couple here in case you were wondering what the heck Morris looked like. To be honest I didn’t even realize he was married, that tells you how good he is at keeping his personal life separate from his career.

Soon Kai Millard Morris will be a single lady again. If you have any additional information on the soon to be ex-wife of Stevie Wonder please feel free to share with me or if you just want to give me your two cents on the topic I would love to hear that too.