Is John Molner Katie Couric’s new man? Well, a few sources we’ve tracked down are feeling pretty sure about it. So who is this new guy?

Well, he isn’t just an average guy. Of course not. Katie probably has her pick of some of the best middle-aged guys around (sorry Katie). I mean, she has the money and the respect, and she’s still single! Sounds to me like she is definitely on the radar of some powerful men.

Well he is one of those guys. Molner is a Wall Street executive with a firm called Brown Brothers Harriman. So I guess it’s fair to say he has a ton of cash.

The New York Post described them as “(looking) good together” at a breast cancer even recently:

“Katie looked better than ever and, clearly in love, did her best to keep her relationship with John low-key…”

Wow. So this source is not just saying they are dating or together, but that Katie is “in love.” Love is a strong word in the celeb world.

I think it would be a pretty safe bet to get involved with a business man. If she chose another television personality or celebrity she is risking the Hollywood curse. Sure, any other star might be fun for a few years, but it would end in some nasty divorce and bunch of ugly headlines.

This guy can probably rub elbows with the best of them and must be well-connected. He sounds like the kind of guy that could take her up in a helicopter over NYC with a glass of champagne or something (yes, I was watching Sex And The City recently).

Anyway, I am betting that they become an item soon. It will be a sure thing if she stats doing red carpet events with him, or maybe even admits to the relationship in an interview.

So is John Molner Katie Couric’s boyfriend? I say yes, but we will have to wait and see.

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