With a successful career as a filmmaker, a comedic actor’s wife, and now a mommy for the second time, Maggie Carey (photos below) has it all. She is Saturday Night Live Bill Hader’s wife, and boy is she a busy girl. Let’s learn about her!

Photo: Maggie Carey

I didn’t think anybody had watched it in the last ten years but apparently there is still a late night show on NBC. Her funny hubby is the star so the baby news is getting me interested in checking out the show again this weekend. Oh yes, he will be there. Insisting on a family leave policy for actors would get him laughed off of the set.

Biography: Maggie Carey is a heartland girl originally from Boise, Idaho. She graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in English Literature, which goes to prove that literature and Montana can actually be written in the same sentence. She was a soccer star there, and later went on to study film production on the University of Texas. More of her biography can be found here.

She both acts and directs these days. She created an online show called “The Jeannie Tate Show” which is about a soccer mom, borrowing from her knowledge and experience in the sport herself. The show is expected to be picked up by HBO in the near future. She helped write an upcoming Will Ferrell movie called “My Life Coach” and worked on a TV series for a Cherly Hines show called “In the Motherhood.” As if all that writing and directing stuff wasn’t enough, she is a funny girl who acts in the improv theaters in New York City. It is there in the Big Apple that she resides with her husband.

The new baby was born on July 28th, 2012 and the happy couple named the baby Harper Hader. We do not have the measurements and other vital statistics for the bouncing bambina but suffice to say she came out laughing. This is their second child as Hannah Kathryn was born almost three years ago a the beginning of 2012. I detect a letter H theme in the family, so when they have a boy they will be stuck with Harry or Huck or something similarly evil. H themes are really pushing it with kids.

Maggie Carey makes a small appearance in the comedy video below from YouTube. Enjoy watching it and then blow up the pics before offering your heartfelt congratulations in the comments.

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