Finally we shall watch the Olympics opening ceremony unfold before our very eyes after so many months of waiting! This 2012 Olympics live stream post will answer all of your burning question about the opening day’s ceremony and beyond which promises to be a world class artistic event. I cannot wait to see the athletes parade with their colors and flags as they proudly represent their home countries so let the games begin!

Here are five burning questions that will get us off to a rip roaring start:

1. Where can I watch the Olympics live online in a video feed?
2. What time does the Olympics opening ceremony start?
3. What is the Olympics schedule for the first days?
4. What channel can I watch the Olympics this year?
5. Where can I see the Olympics medal count by country?

London Olympics live feed:

The opening ceremonies this year will be tape delayed in the United States while most of the subsequent events will be carried live on ABC. But do not despair because you can watch a video feed online on the official NBC site right here which let’s you watch any event with a subscription. A backup option might be the Freecast site here which you can log into with your Facebook or Twitter account, but we have not vetted it ourselves because the games have not begun!

And while you are watching you can join a live blog of the event here as only the British can do! And the link to freecast might be a good backup plan:

When do the Olympics start?

There is a five hour difference between London time and east coast time in the United States, or an eight hour difference from west coast Pacific time. The opening ceremony will be live at 4pm London time and tape delayed until 8pm ET in the U.S., same on the west coast. It will not be carried live in the U.S. but you can watch the video stream online by following that link. Of course, the opening ceremony is not really the first Olympics event. The games began earlier this week with opening round soccer matches and a few medals have already been awarded in obscure events.

Where can I find the Olympics schedule?

That is easy! The Olympics schedule and results in real time is published online on the official site which you can find here. The site will be updated in real time so you can go there to always know the events and results as they happen. What is a little more tricky is knowing the Olympics television schedule, both in Great Britain and by NBC in the U.S. For our TV schedule each day you can go here. Enter your zip code on the site and your cable carrier (if you have one) and it will explain what events are happening on television in local time.

On what television channel can I watch the Olympics?

In America that would be NBC so as they say, check your local listing!

Medal count by country in 2012

You can view a running total of the medal count for each country updated in real time right here. You can expect Team USA to lead the medal count, but China will give us a good run for our money in 2012.

Now let us sit back and enjoy watching the Olympics opening ceremony! The live feed is above or you can watch tape delayed on your local television station.