Holy shocker, Carly Rae Jepsen nude photo scandal has hit the Net. This is not a rumor my friends it is fact and now the singing sensation finds herself in an elite club with a number of other famous people.

Unfortunately for Carly Rae she is the latest celebrity to not only be hacked but to not be smart enough to not take naked pictures of herself. The 26-yeard old Canadian cutie has informed police that a hacker has accessed some scandalous photos of her and is trying to sell them to a number of media outlets. The hacker is looking to cash in big time with these pics.

TMZ broke the story about the real pics that have been stolen. There are some fake ones that have been circulating on the Internet but the ones that have the police involved are the real deal. Back in March the “Call Me Maybe” singer’s camp received a tip regarding the XXX photos and immediately called the police. Law enforcement was able to prove the tip was legit. TMZ further reports that the Vancouver police told them that there is a possible suspect in the hacker case. Although the police have commented on this story there has not been confirmation from Carly Rae’s rep as of yet. I would assume a damage control statement would be issued shortly.

For those of you freaky freaks out there looking to get a glance at a naked Japsen don’t hold your breath. The elicit shots of Carly Rae have not seen the light of day and she is drying her hardest to keep that way. That of course doesn’t mean that somehow they won’t get leaked but now that the hacker in questions knows the police on hot on the trail could make exposing them a little more difficult.

Carly Rae Jepsen nude photo scandal is for real. Word of advice Carly Rae keep your clothes on, just sayin.

Update: Christopher David Long is the name of the hacker who was arrested for breaking into her phone. He is a 25-year old man from Vancouver, Canada, who authorities say was trying to sell the named pictures to the highest bidder. Read more here.

Photo by PR Photos