Country singer Beccy Cole has revealed a secret. She is a lesbian.

In a TV interview with Australian Story Beccy came out and credited her decision to her 13 year old son Rikki. The mom said she wanted her son to know that being yourself is the most important thing in the world. In order to set that example she needed to share a secret that she had been keeping for over 12 years.

“While you can have your privacy and all that, there are certain times and certain issues where I want to set an example to him.”

Cole even talked about how her son has been the biggest protector of her secret and that too is what eventually led her to come out. Beccy admits that she first realized she was gay after divorcing Rikki’s father, and her ex-husband Mike Albeck.

At this time the country crooner is currently single but does not rule out getting married. In fact the marriage equality debate is an issue she has watched closely over the years and is another reason she decided to come out.

One would think that in today’s society that Beccy sharing her secret would receive positive feedback; unfortunately that is not the case. She revealed to ABC that for every positive reaction there is a negative one. However Cole is not letting that get her down she is going to keep on doing what she loves to do, sing and raise her son. If you want to see the Australian Story with Beccy you can go to the shows website at I have to say I have watched bits and pieces of it today and it is really good. I can’t wait to go home and watch the entire show.

Australian country singer Beccy Cole has come out just a couple of months before her 40th birthday. Hats off to you Beccy!