The appearance of her case on the Nancy Grace show has sparked public interest in a terrible crime. Megan Sharpton is the brilliant Tennessee nursing student whose body was found along a rural road and half burned almost beyond recognition. Our thoughts go out to her family, friends, and boyfriend as police try to solve an unfortunately sensational crime which has renewed media attention.

Photos: Megan Sharpton

Who killed Megan Sharpton is what everyone wants to know, this family oriented girl who seemingly had no enemies in the world. You can watch the view report below but the general facts are that her body was discovered on fire in the grass near a rural highway on July 2, 2012 very near where she was born and raised. Blunt force trauma was found to her head leading investigators to conclude that her death is a homicide. They also discovered that her cherished Ford Mustang was 15 miles away from the scene, which means that her body was probably brought there already traumatized and the fire was a way of covering up evidence.

Megan Sharpton’s boyfriend is reportedly not a suspect in the case although undoubtedly police have not ruled anything out. He was reportedly at work during the crime and her own mother believes he had nothing to do with it. You can read the latest report here in which her mother Kelly Sharpton was interviewed by local media.

Biography: Megan Sharpton was a beautiful young women just at the precipice of entering the prime of her life. She was born October 24, 1987, in Tullahoma, Tennessee which means that she would have turned 25 later this year on her birthday. She grew up in a loving family full of country life with three sisters and two brothers. We believe that her mom remarried a man named Don Cornelius Jr. at some point, but we do not know what became of her biological father. You can read her obituary here. She was studying to become a nurse, an occupation that would enable her to heal others.

Megan’s Facebook page was here but it is set to private so there is no reason to visit except to find the profile photo which shows a beautiful redheaded woman with kind eyes and a friendly face. You can see that she has Irish freckles to match her first name and gorgeous hazel eyes. She did not appear to have a Twitter page as many young people do who are adept at social media. The person by her name on Twitter (a redhead too) is not the same girl.

We are looking for a memorial fund for Megan but have not found one so far. If you know what her family is requesting in the way of donations please leave that information in the comments for our readers. Meanwhile, we can hope that whomever did this to her will be caught, but there will never be complete peace for those who knew and loved Megan Sharpton. RIP.

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