Talk about disrespecting your woman! Poor Arie Nicole (photos below) had to endure a publicity stunt from her boxer boyfriend who got down on bended knee on national television only to give her the old rope a dope. Adrien Broner’s girlfriend might be none too pleased by the fake marriage proposal (see video at bottom) which turned into brushing his hair, but in reality she has a sense of humor about it. Perhaps you know what happened to the hot WAG already so let’s meet her.

Photos: Arie Nicole

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All of you boxing fans know him as the young undefeated phenom who has was won his first 24 professional fights, 20 of them in his usual manner via knockout. He scored his usual result on July 21st, 2012, with an impressive 5th round knockout of the overmatched Vicente Escobedo, an event that was carried on HBO’s pay per view channel where he retained his title as WBO Junior Lightweight Champion of the world.

But it is what happened afterward to Adrien Broner’s girlfriend which caught the national media’s attention. During the post game interview, the brash man of muscles surprised everyone by asking the smoking hot Arie Nicole to step into the wring. Then he proceeded to get down on his knee and take Arie’s trembling hand in his, a scene that has been played out countless times in the minds of every hopeful woman in love, just waiting for her man to take her as a wife. But instead of a wedding proposal the big meanie asked her, “can you brush my hair?”

Biography: Arie Nicole has a sense of humor. We know that because she brushed off the episode on her Twitter page which you can find here where she goes by the name Miss Money Bags. “Everybody taking the brush thing seriously!! Geesh we only 21 n 22 can we b young n love for a min lol.”

Actually good for her realizing they are too young. He is obviously a little immature she she is perhaps not ready for the commitment. That’s all fine. It was a joke, and she did play along by actually brushing his hair! On the other hand the couple have a cute little daughter together so if you old enough to be a baby daddy, you ought to be old enough to settle down.

Arie Nicole is a 21 year old pinup girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, with some fabulous tattoos which you can see in her pictures. One of them is on her left leg above the knee and another on her tummy. Visit her Twitter page for more pics and follow her there because she is a frequent tweeter with plenty of fun stuff to say.

Now watch the video and blow up her pictures. Then on a scale of 1 to 10, tell us what you think of Arie Nicole. In my boat she is a complete 10 for hotness, sense of humor, and awesome pics!

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Video: Fake Marriage Proposal