The world is holding it’s collective breath for the scandalous and titillating Minka Kelly sex tape with boyfriend, the news of which is making it’s rounds around the internet like a wildfire in the middle of summer. Watch the video report below and tell us what you think. Soon the free download will be available, the previews, eventually the full length tape, and all the free publicity that goes along with them. For now all we can do is gossip.

Photo: Minka Kelly’s fantastic legs

Did I say publicity? Yes, everyone knows what the Kim Kardashian sex tape did to help her career, not to mention Paris Hilton’s video. When sex tapes come to the public view, the stars who made them tend to benefit a lot particularly when they are not top A-listers. Minka Kelly is certainly not a household name to the public. Now she will be.

For that reason I’ve long suspected that naughty photos and celebrity sex tapes are often produced, shopped, and sold by agent’s acting on the star’s behalf. Who knows if that is what really happened in the new Minka Kelly sex tape, but one is certainly allowed to entertain the idea that the actress may be trying to spice up her career.

In the tape she is fully aware of the camera and in fact it is professionally produced. She is able to watch a monitor of her performance with a well-endowed boyfriend in bed. Not only is the sex supposedly steamy, but she reportedly even does a sexy dance or two just for fun. How heartwarming! So far she has had nothing to say about the video on her Twitter account, located here.

There was some concern that Minka might be underage in the sex video but those concerns appear to be unwarranted. One of the songs she is dancing to was released just before her 18th birthday, so she is probably wonderfully 18 years old at the time of the shooting.

By the way, the actress has not been shy about sex scenes in real films. You can listen to her discuss steamy sex with Leighton Meester in a movie here called The Roommate. Regardless, it is unclear who is really behind the release of this video. Is it a jealous boyfriend, a burglar, or perhaps a publicity stunt? Nobody knows at this point.

So what is the name of Minka Kelly’s boyfriend in the video tape with her? We don’t know but think that readers may be able to inform us. Please send reliable information to our email address rather than publicly in the comments. We’ll investigate and publish if the information is deemed reliable.

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