Traci Lynn Johnson, Tiki Barber’s wife is in the news again because she is actually his wife now! Yes, it’s a crazy story, but I will explain it all for you, plus show you some photos of the new bride.

Tiki Barber is an all-pro football player who made himself famous playing for the New York Giants. He has a twin brother named Ronde who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are both handsome guys who are actually really smart, but some of Tiki’s decisions are just crazy.

He used to be married to a gal named Ginny, and even had four children with her. In fact, two of them are twins, and she was pregnant with them when they split so her could start hooking up with Traci.

Sound scandalous to you?

Sure, it was a low move. But I guess it’s better than cheating in secret. So now his ex-wife has four of his children and he is with Traci, but why is this news?

It’s news because they got married literally a week after the divorce was finalized. He didn’t even take a few months before being a married man again.

So who is Traci Lynn Johnson? Apparently she is a model who has even landed a spot in Maxim Magazine.

She has been Tweeting like crazy around the time of their official marriage, which took place at a civil ceremony. Here are her last few Tweets (via @TraciLJohnson):

“We’re married @barber_tiki !!!!!”

After that she wrote:

“After wedding drinks at Catch with my new family!!”

Well, I guess he didn’t have to worry about paying for a crazy wedding. And obviously this Traci gal doesn’t mind him having four kids. I can guess that things will be kind of strange for them because the twins are so young that he has with his ex-wife.

As for how the public feels about all of this. Well, Tiki was apparently booed recently at an appearance he showed up for. He also caught a lot of grief because he compared his secret trysts with Traci to Anne Frank hiding from the Nazi’s. For some reason Tiki thought it was okay because Traci is Jewish, but that quote made a lot of people mad.

He said:

“Lep’s Jewish…Lep’s Jewish…And it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

Not sure what he meant by that, but okay. So go ahead and check out some Traci Lynn Johnson photos below. Maybe they will last. What do you think?