Annabel Schwartz has been dubbed the Instagram “Rich Kid” after posting photos of her and friends on lavish vacations and living a lifestyle that most of us will never experience even for a day. Check out some of the pictures here and get all the details.

Annabel Schwartz was just living her life – you know the usual trips to St. Tropez, private helicopter rides, and the backing to become a fashion designer at the age of 19. All of the sudden, while on vacation in the south of France, her photos became popular on Tumblr and she became the “Instagram rich kid.”

She told Good Morning America that she finds her new fame very embarrassing, she is not looking to be Paris Hilton, I suppose. She told Good Morning America that she doesn’t like the attention but doesn’t want to be embarrassed,

“We all grew up quite nicely but I don’t want to be embarrassed by the fact that I can enjoy myself in Saint-Tropez…Everyone here considers themselves to be a lot more substantial than their father’s credit card. I’m a fashion designer. My girlfriend goes to Cornell. I don’t want to be represented by my money and my vacation experiences. We took a vacation to have a nice time to enjoy ourselves. Not to make us splash on an Internet page,’ she told the site.These pictures are meant for our friends and a joke and for us to keep a memory and not for the world to watch.’

Well honey, when you post stuff n social media sites, it is there for the world to see. Ad Judge. like it or not. now I could care less. If I had or ever have the money, God willing, I will spoil my kids rotten too. I don’t begrudge Annabel Schwartz and her friends anything. Have fun, stay safe and live up to your fullest potential!

Check out more pictures of Annabel and her friends below. Click each thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

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Have a great weekend! Try to party it up like Annabel Schwartz and her friends!