There is good news for Marie Osmond’s daughter and family as the once troubled teenager is finally managing to turn her life around. Jessica Blosil (photos below) is enrolled at a police academy in Utah and will become a copy upon graduation, something that is making her famous mother very proud.

Photo: Jessica Blosil

She along with her sister Rachael Blosil (picture in gallery) have already given mom more trouble than most kids give their parents in a lifetime. The devoutly religious Marie had to endure both of her daughters bragging about being sex fiends on their MySpace pages. Jessica told the world she was bisexual and listed her favorite sex positions while saying that she wanted to have sex everyday of her life. Nothing really wrong in any of that except that her adoptive mom is a sweetheart whose career is largely based on her family values personality.

Meanwhile Rachael Blosil blogged while underage that she was a whore. All of this was too much for mom to bear and she reportedly tried to commit suicide as a result. Luckily she was saved be a friend and quick work at the hospital just in the nick of time.

Biography: Jessica Blosil is an adopted daughter of Marie and second husband Brian Blosil, who she married in 1986. The couple have two biological children including Rachael Lauren Blosil who is the spitting image of her mother. Jessica Marie Blosil is one of five adopted children. She was born in 1987 and will be 25 years old later this year in December.

Dad and mom divorced in 2007 after 21 years of marriage, an event in the Mormon Church that caused him considerable grief from the elders because of her celebrity superstar reputation. She remarried her first husband Steve Craig in 2011.

The news that Marie Osmond’s daughter is a lesbian came as a shock to her many fans and supporters when she made the information public for the first time in 2009 announcing that she was living in Los Angeles with her girlfriend. And yet Jessica Blosil has grown closer to her mom since those troubled early years, which has been surprising given the star’s reputation as such a goody two shoes and conservative Republican woman. Now she is in training to become a police officer which is making mom very proud indeed.

In the video below the pictures of Jessica Blosil, you can hear mom discussing her lesbian daughter in a radio interview. She is supportive of gay rights generally but not gay marriage in particular. The best part is she explains that they have a great relationship and that Jessica is understanding of her religious view.

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