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Now we know why they show so much women’s track and field on television. Michelle Jenneke (video & photos below) is the sexy Australian high hurler who has taken the internet by storm thanks to her very cool pre-race warmup routine, a sexy dance that cannot really be described in words alone. You have to see the video to believe it, and then you will want to see it in slow motion over and over again just to be sure your eyes are not deceiving.

Photo: Michelle Jenneke

Whoever said women’s athletics is boring is a nut. I can understand the sentiment when it comes to basketball, and until today would not have argued with someone bored with watching far-too-skinny women get sweaty on a track. But those days are over thanks to a beautiful Australian hurdler who has a knockout body and a sweet teasing smile to go with it. And don’t you ever forget that Michelle sure can bouncy bounce her booty and everything else on her is oh so jiggly.

Biography: Michelle Jenneke was born June 23rd, 1993 so she just turned 19 years old early in the summer. She was born and grew up in Kenthurst, Australia which is a suburb northwest of Sydney where she attended The Hills Grammar School all the way up through grade 12.

Michelle competes in the 100 meter high hurdles for the Australian national Olympics team, and she runs the 4×100 relays as well. The most notable finishes in international events so far include a 5th place finish at the IAAF World Junior Championships in 2012, and a second place finish at the Youth Olympic Games in 2010 when she was 17 years old. You can catch up on her athletic profile over here.

Although the 100 meter race is her main event, Michelle excels in a variety of track and field sports. She can jump into any man’s arms with her excellent skills at the triple jump and long jump, and if he gets out of hand she can throw a mean discus or shot put at him. Luckily the men who pursue her will never get a javelin in the heart because she doesn’t throw spears.

And just in case you think her sexy dance is laying it on thick for product endorsement deals, sponsors and modeling opportunities in the future you would be wrong. Miss Jenneke has no Facebook page and no Twitter account that we can find, and in fact has not promoted herself in any way. She is just genuinely hot in a warm girl-next-door way, and now that she has our attention (and the rest of the world’s) this sweet girl with the gorgeous smile is going places whether she is ready or not.

In her spare time, Michelle’s hobbies include indoor soccer, Australian football, and handball. She also loves hanging out with her friends, tree climbing(!) and taking care of her several pet dogs and cats. But ever since she can remember she has had a passion for hurdling, even lining up teddy bears for jumping practice at her parent’s home when she was two years old. Read a terrific interview of her discussing this and that right here two years ago when she was still in high school.

Now blow up the pictures of Michelle Jenneke and then watch the video below. Yes watch it again if you must just like everyone else. Let’s hope that she makes the finals so we can watch her compete live through all of the preliminary heats at the 2012 Summer Olympics games in London, England. You go girl.

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Video: Michelle Jenneke