I am not much for fighting, but girl fights can be very intriguing. And this hardcore chick Veronica Rothenhausler is sending girls home crying to their mamas, so I am on of the many who is interested in learning more about her. Last night she had yet another 5 second knockout fight and she is quickly making quite a name for herself as the girl to watch out for.

We have the video of Veronica’s 5 second knock out in her fight against Ashlee Evans-Smith. The is the second time she has won a fight in such a short time, and she is all over the MMA sites. She is obviously a girl to watch out for and I have a feeling she will blow up pretty soon. This video is already viral.

As for bio information on Veronica, she is a 22 year old fighter who is quickly gaining recognition on the amateur circuit. She has only had three fights and she won them all. But the amazing part is that she won two of them within five seconds. That is right people, her fight with Noelle Cherry, also ended in a five second knockout! At 5 foot 11, she weighs in at about 145 lbs, and you can tell that is all power. She is not bad on the eyes either, as you can see from her photos posted below. She has long brown hair and she looks like she would clean up nicely, though I wouldn’t mess with her on a date. She is on “The Heartbreaker”team and you may just end up on the ground.

Her first fight was at the Iron Pit Productions: High Desert Brawl back in September against Kaitlyn Johnson and was also a win. It was a Non Sanctioned Fight and was over in two minutes.

Her bio on MMA has yet to be updated, but I expect that to change soon. Veronica has a newly created Facebook page here, though I am sure it is fan made. You can find twitter updates about all MMA fighters here @mmavixens.

All this buzz after her Women’s Featherweight Championship win and we will surely be seeing more of Veronica. You can check out the video below, and hit up 5:45 if you want to skip right to the fight. Betcha Ashlee Evans-Smith wishes she would have touched gloves. Maybe she could have dragged things out a bit longer.

Check out the photos and video of Veronica below. Click each thumbnail to enlarge the picture.