Jessica Kahawaty is Miss World Australia and she made headlines with a fashion no no this past weekend at a charity event. Check out photos of her and get more details on this beauty queen here.

The model says she was trying to respect the Aboriginal culture of Australia with the outfit, but it obviously went terribly wrong. It looks like she had an accident at a paint shop. The designer said that some of the colors actually came from the Uluru people, and that they were trying to make a departure from how conservative her outfit was at the last event.

Even the critics are not really thrilled with it. Alex Perry from Project Runway said:

“I never knew Egyptian sea urchins were Australian? The creators of Avatar called, they want their catsuit back…”

He even went on to say that it isn’t really anything like what the natives would wear:

“I can’t see the connection to Australiana in this – it has a little too much Cirque du Soleil for my liking.”

Even a well-known designer had bad comments on the outfit:

“Avatar going to the beach in a red sarong…Since when was Australia a part of the African continent?”

Those guys had a point. Maybe she was trying to hard and it wasn’t really up to snuff. But then people tried to go too far with it. One particular critic tried too hard to sound smart:

“It’s a bodysuit with beads inspired by Tutankhamen and the Egyptian pharoahs…Thank God it’s not a design competition.”

I actually feel kind of bad for Kahawaty, who decided to wear the outfit for a charity event. It’s not like she actually wore this during the Miss World competition or anything. If she did, then yes, she would deserve some negative comments.

I say give her a break and see how she does at the upcoming competition. Then let’s be critical. I personally think it’s more important that they are able to speak in complete sentences at these competitions. Most of them automatically have wonderful outfits by some of the hottest designers, so it’s a given. I’m sure she would never wear this ugly thing at one of those.

If she rambles on and on without making sense when she has a chance to speak, then we are in trouble. Until, then keep it cutting edge.

Check out some more pictures of Jessica Kahawaty, Miss World Australia below. See the outfit everyone is ranting about HERE.