My advice to women with jealous boyfriends is get out of the relationship as soon as possible. Ruth Hicks (photos below), an English beauty was photographed at a beach party with teenager heartthrob Niall Horan. Now it is over between her and her unamused finance, and my own view is good riddance before you married him.

Photo: Ruth Hicks

The scandalous incident occurred in a town called Marbella along the southern coast of Spain when a chance altercation at a party brought Miss Hicks in contact with hottie pants Niall from One Direction. He tried to flirt with her and she patiently explained to him that she was happily engaged to the man of her dreams, a fellow Englander Joe Adkins. During those fateful minutes that he hit on her, a paparazzi photographer snapped pictures of him whispering into her ear and frolicking in a bikini, something she visually appeared to be enjoying. In reality, she was just being nice as she gave him the brush off, according to what she has told the media.

You can see the photographs of Niall Horan and Ruth Hicks together here. In it she appears in a gorgeous one-piece swimsuit, low cut with plenty of frills, while he sticks a thumb down his pants so the world can see his Calvin Klein underwear. Ah the impetulance of youth.

Now because of this chance meeting she has been unceremoniously dumped by Mr. Adkins which is probably a good thing for her in the final analysis. If he can’t trust you standing next to another boy, before you are married, just think how things will be when she is hitched. Kept women are a thing of the past. Read more here. He even took back her engagement ring which you can see on her hand in the photo gallery.

As for her biography, Ruth Hicks is 26 years old, just entering the prime of her sexual life. She will have many more opportunities for marriage proposals in the future, and will hopefully land a man who will take off the reigns. She was living with her boyfriend in Portsmouth, England, but he kicked her out and won’t even talk with her, according to Ruth.

Ruth’s Twitter page can be found here. On it we are met with a really cool quote that says “Some of the greatest things in life are unseen; that’s why u close your eyes when u kiss, cry or dream. Never live without laughter.” And judging by her party pictures, she sure does know how to have a good time. And who can blame her? She has hot friends that are almost as hot as Miss Hicks herself, a fabulous smile, and a rockin’ hard body. Some girls have all the luck.

Miss Hick’s Facebook page can be found here which contains more picture of her with her gorgeous, partying friends but unfortunately no more biographical information that helps us learn about her.

You can watch the video below which are more pictures from the supposed scandalous romp in Marbella, Spain, which in reality was nothing more than girls having a good time at a party with an international star. Right Entertainment reached out for comment from Miss Hicks for this article. What we really want to know is if she would take her boyfriend back.

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