Our last story was about a woman getting dumped by a jealous boyfriend, and now we are happy to report a relationship that is at the other extreme of bliss. Lauren Parsekian (photos below) is the gorgeous blond woman who is lucky to be Aaron Paul’s girlfriend, now fiance, and soon to be future wife.

Photo: Lauren Parsekian

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He recently called her the greatest woman who has ever existed, and if he wants to think that about his future wife than we can wholeheartedly endorse him as a keeper. After all most Hollywood celebrities believe that they are the greatest gift to mankind, so to hear a star appreciating the value of his girlfriend says a lot about him in a very good way.

And it says a lot about her too. So let’s meet Miss Parsekian, the kind-hearted blond bombshell who is altruistic by nature while looking hot 24 hours a day. There is not a doubt that these two love birds deserve each other.

Biography: Lauren Parsekian is the founder and president of her own non-profit company called the Kind Campaign based in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. The company is based on a film she made while attending Pepperdine University with her friend Molly Thompson (now Molly Stroud), which documented bullying by girls against girls on school campuses. The film was inspired by her own experiences as a bullying victim while attending 7th and 8th grade. Now she is a recognized spokeswoman for the cause and has gone around the world on speaking engagements with Miss Thompson. Visit the website here.

“I think the most important part of my story is how those experiences affected me as a young girl. I became scared to go to school, my grades started to drop, I was scared to answer the phone, and finding places to hide on campus became a daily routine. Through this time I battled depression and got to the point where I tried to take my own life in seventh grade. I know first hand how much it hurts to be called names, to be threatened and to feel like you are all alone.”

That experience happened about ten years ago, well before she graduated from Dana Hills High School in southern California’s Dana Point. She went on to Pepperdine where she graduated with a degree in Film & Television Production in 2009. Now just three years out of college, Miss Parsekian is continuing her work helping young girls as a filmmaker and cause celebre for Finding Kind Productions.

Lauren’s Twitter page is interesting because it includes several slices of her life. You can find pictures of her gorgeous engagement ring, and just hanging out with her friends and fiance right here. On a picture of her hen party, she writes “Thank you to my perfect future husband for making my bridesmaid lunch the most special day ever. love you.” Aww, how sweet!

That almost one-ups the picture of her engagement ring with the caption “I can’t wait to marry you.” Lauren Parsekian is the cutest, the nicest, the KINDEST girl in the world, according to a Facebook fan page which is hilarious to read in print but oh-so-true when we learn more about her. What we are going to link instead is her real Facebook page which is right here.

You can see Lauren speak about her passionate cause in the YouTube video below. Watch it and blow up the pictures to get an appreciation for her.

Now how can you not love this woman? We certainly do here at Right Entertainment, but you will have to get in line if you feel the same way about her. Aaron Paul’s girlfriend is taken, and this is a relationship we can safely predict will last a very long time, perhaps even a lifetime. Good luck to Lauren Parsekian and the happy couple!

Update: Aww how cute! He gave the most heartfelt acceptance speech of his Emmy Award on September 23rd which thanked his beautiful finance, Lauren Parsekian.

“Oh my God. I truly didn’t even attempt to prepare a speech. I can’t believe I’m standing on this stage, let alone just in this room…. Last but certainly not least, [thank you to my] beautiful, inspiring fiancée so much for looking at me the way that you do. You truly saved me.”

I cannot wait for the wedding!

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