It is under sad circumstances that Sasha Czack is all in a sudden gaining popularity. She is Sylvester Stallone’s wife and the mother of their son Sage Stallone. Sage was found dead in his LA home yesterday from an apparent accidental overdose. Read more about Sasha and check put photos here.

Sasha was born Alexandra Jane Czack and was a photographer when she married Hollywood hotshot, Sylvester Stallone. In 1974 she became Mrs. Sasha Stallone. The two had quite a long marriage in Hollywood years, lasting a long 11 years. They also produced two beautiful sons, Sage Moonblood born in 1976 and Seargeoh born in 1979.

Seargeoh was autistic and the illness is said to have put a strain on their marriage. They divorced in 1985 and Sasha received one of the biggest divorce payouts of of that time. She walked away with $12 million.

Shortly thereafter, Sylvester married Bridget Nielson. Their marriage was short lived, lasting only two years — clearly a rebound relationship. The divorce was highly publicized and when Sylvester left the home, it is said to have put a strain on his relationship with his sons. They didn’t get to spend much time together and didn’t really truly bond until Sage worked on a few films with his father. Others are whispering that he didn’t give them enough attention lately.

Today Sasha Czack stays out of the Hollywood lime light. There are no recent pictures of her and information on her is lacking. She focused on raising her boys instead of worrying about star gazing. However she and Sylvester remained amicable. He sent out his condolences and thoughts to her in the statement he released in regards to their son.

It must be strange to share such a deep connection such as a child, yet not be connected to that person anymore. The grieving process is surely the same though and Sage was lucky to have such wonderful parents. Dad has asked for the family’s privacy during the grieving period, calling the loss of his son the worst experience anyone could endure.

Sasha has a few films under her belt for both acting and photography, though after the diagnosis of her son Seargeoh, she quit photography to focus on Autism. She has since been very involved with the Autistic foundation. She is very talented though, as even the famous Andy Warhol wrote about her in his published diaries. He was quite the fan. Many don’t know this , but she was the lead still photographer and co-writer of Rocky. Her work went uncredited due to silly union rules in 1976.

We are deeply saddened for Sasha Czack and the Stallone family, and express our deepest condolences for their loss.

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