She is super cute and perky, and she might even have a temper depending on whom you want to believe. Let’s meet Kristin Saban (photos below), the University of Alabama sorority girl who just happens to be coach Nick Saban’s daughter and is at the center of a girl on girl lawsuit with a sorority sister named Sarah Grimes over some Facebook posts.

Yes, Facebook, the virtual corner bar responsible for more catfights than any business in the history of humanity. It’s amazing what people will say online that they won’t say to someone’s face, and ironically more people will read it than would ever hear the diss uttered in public. And so it goes for the saga of UA girl Sarah Grimes who reportedly posted a taunt online by writing “No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!”

I know. I know. That should be no big deal for anyone, but when you challenge a young woman online who is stressed out about college life anything can happen. Eventually the bickering turned physical, we are told, and the two got into a real life altercation back at the Phi Mu house on the Alabama campus. You can read the dirty details here but what we really want to know more about is the gorgeous young woman who is Nick Saban’s daughter. After all, there are two sides to every story and seems to me that a shoving match is poor grounds for a lawsuit usually.

As for her biography, Kristen Saban is currently a senor at UA where she has been helping out the football team for four years in an office job. Her responsibilities have included sending out letters to new recruits and giving campus tours to their families, what sounds a lot like an office secretary except that as the coach’s daughter she has a certain gravitas and connection with the players. Kristen is an intern in her senior year with the local Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, which you can read in the young woman’s professional profile right here.

You can visit Kristen’s Twitter page here, and although the account is protected from prying eyes you can see her pictured with a gorgeous guy who could double as Davy Jones from the groovin’ Monkeys band. Her Facebook page is also set to private now so there is no sense in linking it because there are no public photos or useful information available to learn more about her.

Sarah Grimes Twitter account has apparently been deleted for whatever reason. It was there, and then it wasn’t there. Oh well that is her business. We cannot find her Facebook page either.

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