Kassidy Cook is Tom Daley’s girlfriend. These two athletes are the Britney and Justin of this years Olympics! Check out photos of them and get all the details here.

Awe, this is too cute. Such young love. Tom Daley is the object of young girls affection, and with the upcoming Olympics I am sure he will have his choice. But it seems that though he previously stated otherwise, he has found love in a fellow diver. Tom is dating American diver, Kassidy Cook. The two share a great deal in common and also look very similar. Kinda creepy!

Tom seems to like American girls, as this is his second love interest from the USA. He wrote about giving Mary Beth Dunnichay a proper kiss back in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics. In his autobiography “My Story” he gives all the details about sneaking into her hotel to kiss her. I just love how 18 year olds have autobiography’s. They have just begun life!

Sadly Kassidy will not be joining Tom at this years London Olympics as she narrowly missed the selection. She may travel to watch and support her team though so there is still hope.

Miss Couch, 23, who says she has a ‘brother sister’ relationship with Daley, said: “He likes his American girls. He likes one of the American divers called Kassidy. They always like to see each other when they go away. She likes him. They both like each other.”

Kassidy and Tom met at a competition in 2010 and have kept in touch over the years, becoming closer in the past few months.

She said: “They buy each other birthday presents, because they’re both in May. She has bought him an 18th birthday present.”

And on Daley’s 18th birthday Kassidy sent out a special tweet and gave him a photo album with pictures of the two of them. She Tweeted,

‘Happy birthday @TomDaley1994 the big 18! Haha miss youuu.’

You can check out her twitter here if you are interested in more, or in following her.

Kassidy Cook was born in Plantation, Florida, but moved to Texas at the age of four when her sister was pursuing diving. She also began diving at that time. Her parents still own gas stations in Florida. Kassidy is one of six children, and like the famous Kardashian clan, they all have K names – Kevin, Kara, Kelsey, Kylie and Kendall.

Friends seem to be excited about Kassidy and Tom with close friend and fellow British diver Tonia Couch saying: “They’re a good couple. They’re a hot couple as well.”

Check out photos and video of Kassidy Cook and Tom Daley below. Click each thumbnail to enlarge the picture.