More good news for the so-called next Erin Andrews, as this meowing reporter for the Fox Sports network took home the top prize in a state’s Miss America pageant this past week. Congratulations to Laura McKeeman (pictures below), who is the new Miss Florida 2012! And when we are done viewing her swimsuit photos, you will agree that baseballer Josh Rutledge’s girlfriend is most deserving of the honor.

Photo: Laura McKeeman

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This is the third time running that the Fox Sports hottie has competed for the title. She posted a video on her YouTube channel of the prior year’s event which you can watch below when she finished in 3rd place. This year she took home the grand enchilada for the first time, hailing as Miss Pinellas County in the competition.

Biography: Laura McKeeman was born October 2nd, 1988, a fact that is interesting in that most women in media just hate to have their birthdays public. But at age 24 she still proudly displays it on her Facebook page, something that will undoubtedly disappear as her career progresses and she starts to show a few wrinkle lines. Heaven forbid that should ever happen for it would be like soiling a painting of the Madonna herself.

Laura was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and at an early age was on a trek toward a career in the fine arts. She is an accomplished classical pianist and jazz musician, but where she really shines is at ballet. Miss McKeeman studied as a teenager at the famous Shanghai Theater Academy in China, and later returned to the U.S. where she studied at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C., which is perhaps the premier school for dance in the country.

She could have danced professionally but decided instead that the news business was her true calling. So she changed courses entirely to study journalism at the University of Florida. And boy was it a good move. Her star in broadcast journalism is burning bright at Fox News so expect to be hearing a lot more from Laura in the future.

Laura McKeeman’s boyfriend is named Josh Rutledge, shortstop for the Alabama Crimson Tide, and if you visit his own social media pages you will find his delirious face getting kissed by the blond goddess. Some guys have all the luck. While she is supporting him, he can toil away all that he wants in the minor leagues after graduating and he gets a Miss Florida in bed when returning from road trips who can sooth his aching bones by playing the piano and doing her sexy dances. Play ball!

Did I say Laura has her very own video channel full of gorgeous tapes of her doing her sideline interview thing, dancing, and getting dirty playing paintball? Yes I did, and you can find it right here. She only has 65 subscribers so the best way to get noticed by this blond beauty would be to like her channel.

You would stand out from the crowd a little more than following her Twitter account, which can certainly do here. But with over 13,000 fans, your chances with her are severely limited, men.

Ditto with her Facebook page right over there, however it is still highly recommended viewing. She has posted pics from the Miss Florida pageant there already so you can ogle and awe just like everyone else who is happy that she won it for the sake of sporting fans everywhere.

Tragically, we have been unable to discover Laura McKeeman’s measurements, weight, height, or other vital statistics so important when assessing beauty queens. Fail! A little help in the comments would be appreciated as we admire Josh Rutledge’s girlfriend by blowing up the pics and listening to her cool video.

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Video: Miss Florida Pageant