Sometimes even a second string football player gets lucky. Jess Gysin (photos below) is the hot beach volleyball player who is apparently Carolina Panthers backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen’s girlfriend, according to website reports you can read below. See her pictures and a cool video of this very attractive athlete who doubles as a new WAG.

Photo: Jess Gysin

Gallery below.

He has done absolutely nothing remarkable on the pitch in his professional career, and clearly nothing in comparison to her feats in a bikini on the great beaches of the world. But one thing that distinguishes him from the mob is perseverance. Our friends at Busted Coverage have been following his attempts to seduce Miss Gysin for months via social media, and they are now concluding his efforts finally paid off. We don’t know and don’t really care. You can see five photos of them together in the picture gallery but what matters to us is this is a good opportunity to introduce you to her.

Biography: Jess Gysin is a professional beach volleyball player living in Manhattan Beach, California, the world’s center for beach sports. She was formerly an All-American volleyball star at USC in southern California where she obtained a master’s degree in communication, graduating in 2009.

In fact she was born and raised in Los Gatos, so this beauty has spent her whole life in the Golden Gate state, enjoying the sun and beaches which were a natural segue into the sport she so loves. And of course, it did not hurt that both of her parents were professional volleyball players. Jess graduated from St. Francis High School in Mountain View which won the national championship in 2002.

Her public speaking degree has helped prepare Jess for product endorsement deals, which combined with her hot looks is currently making her a rising star off the sand in the volleyball world. You can see an example of her speaking in the video below, which is part of a product endorsement deal with iPure.

In her spare time, Jess enjoys golf, running, partying with her friends, and well, football. We can dutifully report that her favorite food is sushi and her music tastes are eclectic, ranging from John Meyer to Britney Spears. Miss Gysin’s birthday is December 4, 1985 which means she will turn 27 years old later this year. We do not know her measurements but she stands a statuesque 6’1″ tall. Yeah!

Jess has her own website but it appears to have been hacked so we cannot link it now. I’m sure it will be fixed up soon so just Google it and go there on your own later to appreciate this beach goddess and her swimsuits. In the meantime you can read about her volleyball exploits on her USC biography page which is here.

Jess’ Twitter page is over here and believe me when I say those photos are worth viewing. She is a girl who knows she is sexy but is not afraid to have fun. Her playing partner and friends are all cute too so why miss it? Her Facebook page is here with photos of Jess Gysin in bikini swimsuit action on the beach.

You can a full report on Jess Gysin allegedly getting it on as Jimmy Clausen’s girlfriend right here and come to your own conclusions. The photographic evidence is seemingly incontrovertible, but there are of course many reasons a guy might be pictured hugging a gorgeous blond volleyball player with is hand in her lap. Umm. Well, I can’t think of another reason right off the bat but they may just be friends after all.

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