The big story in Hollywood teen life today is unfortunately another scandal but are these naked pictures really her? At last count there are four Tallulah Willis nude photos which show the teenager topless and in various other stages of undress, smoking pot and other debauchery worthy of the daughter of famous people. Are these the work of her jealous boyfriend, Lucas Vercetti, are they fakes, or are they planted by the young damsel herself, or possibly the work of other dark forces in the universe?

Photo: Tallulah Willis

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There are various aspects of controversy to the story besides the sensational aspects of yet another daughter of celebrities going too far for the camera. The first and most obvious one is her age. Tallulah turned 18 years old in February so if these topless pictures were taken before that date someone is probably in a lot of trouble.

The next aspect of the controversy is indeed the precise timing coming just four months after Miss Willis came of age which might make the average reader suspicious. It would not be the first time that aspiring young starlets have planted provocative pictures of themselves for publicity. Granted, topless pics are not the kind of publicity most people want, but in Hollywood sometimes young women are so hungry for publicity, any publicity at all, that negative publicity is often better than getting ignored.

We are not suggesting that Tallulah is behind the release of these photos at all. There is no evidence to suggest it, but we are making our readers aware that such things have happened before and it can certainly not be ruled out until we know more. After all, she did witness her mom Demi Moore’s career getting rejuvenated when naked pics of her were published.

And everyone remembers the famous Britney Spears crotch shots, the Vanessa Hudgens naughty pics, not to mention the Miley Cyrus sexy photos that were supposedly all brought to the world by opportunists taking advantage of these unfairly compromised women. Yet many suspect all of these mega scandals were invited by the starlets themselves to generate free publicity for their aspiring (or sagging) careers.

And yet a third explanation for the Tallulah Willis scandal pics is that they are in fact fake. Many of these stories turn out to be exactly that, including the recent topless pictures of Carly Rae Jepsen which turned out to be a case of mistaken identity which you can check out here.

The only media outlet we know who has seen them in their unedited form is Radar Online. You can read their report here where they do not offer an opinion about their validity. And for more, do check out here and here before drawing any conclusions.

Lastly, another explanation which is the one average people turn to first is they are legitimate pictures brought to the world by a jealous boyfriend who is so immature that he wants to harm his little misses any way we can. My own experience is this is the least likely scenario, but for the record Tallulah Willis’ boyfriend is rumored to be Tyler The Creator’s hipster pal, Lucas Vercetti. You can see a picture of Lucas right here, but whomever he is we don’t care much.

As for the pot, who knows and that isn’t exactly a big deal. She recently tweeted a picture of herself in her high school graduation prom dress with the caption “GOT MY PROM DRESS! Size 8! So freaking happy! Its green (slytherin inspired, yes I know, potterhead alert).” Whatever. If you hold that against her, you got issues in my opinion.

Now for the photo gallery. Obviously these are not the topless photos of Tallulah Willis smoking pot that are getting shopped around the internet to the highest bidder. We don’t do that here, but bookmark and come back later because we may give helpful hints to guide you when they are available online.

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